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HippoEDIT 1.50 - Feature Release:


1.50 is a MAJOR update. Release contains huge number of new features and numerous enhancements for existing functionality. You got scripting and macro support, plugins, online repository for different editor extensions, new visualization features (as colored braces or end tag annotations), enchantments for search (sophisticated search result pane), Project Explorer extensions (virtual folders, project embedding), new output types for tools, tools interaction and much more.

What is new:

  • Extension of the Text Editor by new features like:
    • Text Highlighting - free style text highlighting of any text block (like in Microsoft Word). Highlighting is not syntax dependent and persisted between sessions.
    • Colored Indent guides feature that paint indent guides in multi colors, making it easier following code structure. Find more on wiki.
    • Colored Braces feature simplifies locating of corresponding open/close brace in complex logical or arithmetic blocks. Find more on wiki.
    • Scope exists display scope exit indicator on margin for syntax constructs that lead flow to leave code scope (as return, break, continue etc). Find more on wiki.
    • With End Tag Annotations editor displays comments like annotations, after scope close tag (like “}” in JavaScript or “END” in SQL), helping you to track the scope is closed. The annotation contains details about open tag (as function name, logical construction etc). More info on wiki.
    • Additional Smart Highlighting styles makes it possible to have multi style permanent smart highlighting displayed in code in same time. This is added in addition to automatic, not permanent smart highlight.
    • Interactive page width changing gives simple way for changing of the page width, by simple drag & drop of the page margin border.
  • Multi key shortcuts – allows to define shortcuts combined from two keystrokes (like Ctrl + T, X) and give you a freedom in creating of the keyboard maps of any complexity (like in Visual Studio or vim/emacs) with no limit on shortcuts count.
  • Evaluate… command allows you to do evaluation of arithmetic expression in-place and get result automatically inserted after typing “=” sign or by explicit shortcut.Evaluation Informer shows result of the selected expression in floating tooltip on hover.
  • Enhancements for Search Results widow. The search results representation switched from plain output to tree output. You can have now more than one search result displayed at once. Results are grouped by file names and lines. It is editable - you can delete results you are not interesting in. You can copy search matches to another search results window or into text editor. Visited matches are indicated in different color. The searched text is highlighted in line preview. You can search among of search results.
  • Spell Checker – based on Hunspell engine. Spell checker that recognize comments, strings, commented code, file names, URLs, word duplicates, and can check mixed languages. With interactive and background spell checking. Can be accessed with toolbar buttons or menu entries in “Edit” sub menu. If word is misspelled or duplicated, and marked in text, you can correct it in place using context menu.
  • Macro Support.Support for recording/suspending/replaying of macros. Recording of commands, searches, editing functions, mouse movements and activity in other applications. Easy convert from macro to HippoEDIT tool script, using Macro Conversion plugin.
  • Scripting support. Support of embedded scripting, based on Microsoft Active Scripting technology that enables HippoEDIT to use most of the scripting languages available (JavaScript, VBScript, Python, Perl, Lua etc) for writing automation scripts. You can write as straightforward scripts that work as tools or resident scripts that acts as plugin. Find more on wiki.
  • Command interpreter/Command console. Possibility to not only catch output from tool, but also to forward input to them. You can have more than one Output window and run several tool in interactive mode simultaneously.
  • On-line Repository. Possibility to see directly in the HE Syntax Setting, list of the syntax schemes available in online repository (in addition to already installed). The online syntax is downloaded and installed the same way as you activate pre-installed syntax. If you open a file with unknown extension or syntax, HippoEDIT checks on server for suitable schema and may suggest you suitable schema available online. Online lists of plugins, color schemes, file templates and keyboard schemes are also exposed. You can also manage all available and inserted extensions with help of new Update Manager.
  • Internal Plug-in Framework. HippoEDIT now exposed very rich automation API that allow you to extend any application part or function. You can add own menus, toolbars, status indicators, panels, syntax highlighting, code template handlers, etc. Of course basic functions for text manipulation, clipboard, search, persistence, dialog creation are also there. Some existing HippoEDIT components were converted to plugins (as File Explorer, Project Explorer, Bookmark Manager, Search Results and Output Window) than allows you to disable them, if not needed and speed up the application. In addition numerous plugins (as binary as scripting based) were added: Spell Checker, Emmet, Alignment, Formatting Tools, JSBeautifier, JSHint, Numbering and more.
  • Enhancements for Project Explorer. You can create Virtual (search) folders that reflect file system directories and support file mask filters. It is also possible to embed other projects as subfolders in the current project (aka solution) with propagation of changes done on embedded project to original project file. Now it is a built-in plugin and can be switched off, if you do not need it.
  • Windows 7 support: Task Bar Progress Bar, Task Bar Jump Lists, Task Bar Quick Actions, Task Bar Thumbnails for open tab windows with preview.
  • Tools Enhancements. With 1.50 you can register tool for auto execution and it will be started on Application Start, After Document Opened/Created/Saved or Before Document Closed. You can configure tool to have own Output window with specific color scheme or can tell tool to forward output to tooltip, clipboard, and replace selected text or in new document. All fields that allow template entering, support in-place auto completion of template arguments.
  • User variables for Workspace, Project or Global usages. With multiple, switchable configurations and configuration selection toolbar.

Other significant enchantments that are not so visible by make huge difference

  • Optimization for multi core processors. A lot of algorithms were adopted for best speed as: search, load from files, word wrap etc.
  • Recognition/marking of not open close tags added, to help you find errors faster.
  •  Memory optimization for large files, allows you to open larger files.
  • Persistent states allow keeping your Undo history, Clipboard content, untitled documents etc. between sessions.
  • Lead indenting for wrapped lines improve readability oft he text.
  • Support for indent based (Python) outlining and dynamic scopes (XML) outlining
  • Regular expression support for syntax highlighting definition (blocks, keywords, scopes)
  • Changes for Quick Search bar: regular expression can be used, check box moved to edit field menu etc.
  • Status bar now keeps message type color till next message
  • Enchantments for tooltip formatting and Quick Info tool tips added
  • Better mouse support: horizontal scrolling with scrolling wheel, back/forward navigation for XButtons, high precision mouse’s support added
  • Filtering/search in Options added
  • Code completion in all text fields allowing template arguments and all path fields
  • Assignment filter for File Association dialog added
  • Panes now can be closed/open separately (close button closes active tab)
  • Path editor for File Explorer added

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