HippoEDIT - Windows Text Editor
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How to get licensed copy for free:

When you pay for licensed version, you support HippoEDIT future development. This is part of your time/work converted into money equivalent that became part of HippoEDIT.

But if you can directly help us, it is not necessary to do this intermediate conversion.

How you can spend your time to help us and yourself:

  • Find 5 serious bugs.
  • Create and send to us new syntax schema file.
  • Create new script/binary plug-in or tool script for HippoEDIT and share it with community.
  • Write in a blog about HippoEDIT or link to HippoEDIT site from your web page.
  • Add 3-5 new good pages (or update existing) on HippoEDIT Wiki (in English).
  • Prepare detailed article/description about some particular HippoEDIT feature.
  • Translate 3-5 (depends from text amount) pages of the site to your native language (first contact us to get content file). Translate to missing or partially translated language (German, French, Spanish, Italian etc).
  • Correct or enhance HippoEDIT documentation.
  • Something that is not mentioned here, but from your point of view could help to promote HippoEDIT.

Logo images to use:

If you want to place a link to Hippoedit site, you can use one of following HTML templates or can create your own one.

View and edit your programs in JavaScript, PHP, Perl, HTML etc

View and edit your programs in JavaScript, PHP, Perl, HTML etc

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