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Code Outlining

Code Outlining (code folding) gives you better document overview and possibility to find such errors like unclosed structures or scope without syntax check or compiling. You can collapse or expand specific language construction one by one or grouped by type.
To help you analyze documents with big amount of commented code, HippoEDIT can outline multi line comment blocks, so you are able to collapse them all using "Collapse Comments" command.
When you navigate through the code, editor marks current brackets in highlight color. Mismatching brackets highlighted in error color. In addition to brackets highlighting, current scope is indicated on outlining margin and on editor status bar.
HippoEDIT can recognize as syntax dependent language blocks (as { } for C++) as used defined blocks (as "region" blocks), so you can group and collapse any part of you code.

Code Outlining screenshot. Click to see next
Screenshot: Code Outlining

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