HippoEDIT - Windows Text Editor
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Printing and Previewing

HippoEDIT supports WYSIWYG printing, so you get a hard copy of source code in the same presentation as you have on the screen. With syntax highlighting, line numbers, wrapping of the lines, and hide blocks. In addition, you can define print page header and footer, customizing them with a big set of built-in tags (as file name, file directory, current and total pages, date/time etc). You can select a separate style for footer or header, selecting preferred text alignment and style. Text layout controlled by page margins (left, top, right, bottom), page orientation (landscape or portrait) and single/multi-column mode selection. In multi-column mode, you can define unlimited number of columns in landscape or page orientation, maintain column gaps and draw column divider.
All settings can be interactively tested and checked in preview mode. In print preview mode, you can change a scale of the preview picture, select to display single or multiple pages (from 1 to 9) and directly print or change print settings.

Printing and Previewing screenshot. Click to see next
Screenshot: Printing and Previewing

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