HippoEDIT - Windows Text Editor
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  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Document Tabs Info
  • Different interface themes Info
  • Workspace layout management
  • Dynamic adoption for current programming language
  • Customizable keyboard schemes
openText Editor - General
  • Support of different encoding types
  • Multiple level Undo/Redo with grouping
  • Document Auto Save
  • Trim trailing spaces in lines on save;
  • Leave undo after save provides ability to undo changes even after saving.
  • Complete Wheel Mouse support
openText Editor - Visualization
  • Line numbering Info
  • Change lines indicator Info
  • Page width indicator
  • Different types of Word Wrap
  • Current line highlighting Info
  • Structure separators
  • White Space display
openText Editor - Syntax highlighting
  • Configurable via syntax files
  • Define colors for text blocks
  • Define styles for text blocks
  • User defined text blocks
  • Use of any font and size
  • Only mono spaced option
  • Preconfigured for HTML, PHP, Java, C/C++ and more Info
  • Syntax schemes inheritance
  • Syntax schemes embedding
openText Editor - Outlining
  • Display Start/End/Middle of language block Info
  • Collapse/Expand Block
  • Collapse same type blocks
  • Collapse Comments
  • User defined “Outlining Regions”
  • See current scope
  • See collapsed text
openText Editor - Code Templates
  • User and language dependent
  • Expandable by keystroke
  • Built in runtime tags (Date Time, Clipboard Content, Document Name) Info
  • Interactive tags
  • Suggested by Code Hints
  • Extract template from selected text
  • Surround by template
openText Editor - Code Hints
  • Best guess for already typed  words with statistical analyze Info
  • Code Hints for Keywords
  • Code Hints for templates shortcuts
  • Code Hints for misspelling from auto correction dictionary
  • Customizing of suggestions
openText Editor - Auto Completion
  • Completion from language keywords Info
  • Completion from statistics data (words from text)
  • Dynamic filtering by type
openText Editor - Clipboard Management
  • Clipboard Ring
  • Extended Paste Menu Info
  • Normal and column mode format Info
  • Multiple Clipboard Formats:
    • Paste in MS Outlook with syntax highlighting
    • Paste in MS Word with syntax highlighting
  • Copy/Cut Append to clipboard
  • Paste as HTML
  • Insert Date/Time
  • Unicode or ASCII format support
openText Editor - Current Scope
openText Editor - Extended Find/Replace
  • Incremental search
  • History of search/replace items
  • Highlight all occurrence with mark color Info
  • Search in collapsed text
  • Saving of search parameters between sessions
  • Use of regular expression
  • Find Results window
openText Editor - Edit Functions
  • Column Selection mode
  • Expand/Shrink Selection functions
  • Mistyping Correction
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Auto Brackets
  • Keyword Case correction
  • Auto Indenting
  • Caps Lock correction
  • Smart Tab
  • Surround Selection
  • Format After Paste
  • Line operations
  • Text Sorting
  • Change Case
  • Indent/Unindent of selection or lines
openText Editor - Print and Print Preview
  • Print source in color
  • Use outlining to hide comments or not interested parts
  • Print with Line numbers
  • Customize page header and footer
  • Wrap lines on printing
  • Preview document before printing in-place Info
openText Editor - Text Export
  • To Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • To HTML
  • To Adobe PDF
openText Editor - Extended Navigation
  • Go to last change
  • Navigate backward/forward on code
  • Navigate to previous/next occurrence of the word
  • Support of named and unnamed bookmarks (as in MSVS)
  • Shared Bookmarks Window for all open files Info
  • Scroll Info
openText Editor - Keyboard Shortcuts
  • User defined shortcuts
  • Different keyboard schemes
  • Several shortcuts for one command
  • Actual shortcuts are displayed as in menus as in toolbar tool tips
openText Editor - Files handling
  • Automatic syntax determination
  • Automatic DOS/UNIX/MAC format determination
  • Tracing external changes of opened document, and reloading if necessary
  • Saving/restoring document info (breakpoints and bookmark)
  • Unlimited file size
openUser Tools
  • Execute external programs with proper arguments
  • Compile, execute and test your code.
  • Capture tool output with Output Window Info
openProject explorer
  • Manage group of related files into one project More info
  • Create/Delete Project Folders.
  • Include user tools.
  • Include URLs
  • Define Main File
openFile Explorer
  • Browse file system Info
  • Filter to display only selected file class.
  • Use patterns user defined for filtering of files
  • Open by Double click
  • Add to current project
openCode Previewing
  • Single/Multiple instances
  • Built in or external help browser
  • Built-in language dependent on-line help Info
  • External files Drag & Drop Support
  • Unlimited open files
  • Minimize to system tray

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